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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My girl who will be my best friend.

My girl will be my friend.
She will get annoyed by me
She will still like me regardless
I will be fascinated by her!

I will want to lay by her side
I will know inside that she is my girl
She will know that my dumb butt is her guy.
Inside, we will feel a bond that can't be broken!

I want her! The sexiest girl that I have ever envisioned!


Anonymous said...

You haven't replied to my comments...any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You'll never find this girl living the lifestyle you are living, my friend. I can tell you, I am a beautiful, intelligent, successful, accomplished woman. I tried to make a relationship with an alcoholic work for 3. 5 yrs. IT CANT BE DONE.

IF you want to keep your life happy, successful, sane and healthy-you have to stay FAR AWAY from the alcoholic.

It breaks my heart because I loved him more than anything. But I had to defend myself against the pain his drinking was causing me. I had my phone smashed, my wall bashed in, and he almost hit me. One time for 4 hrs, he threw things at me and called me the "c" word. Was I supposed to keep putting up with that?

I love him but people have limits.

You want a sexy, beautiful, wonderful woman - get sober.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Throwing things at you and destroying your personal property are signs of impending domestic violence. You should have boundaries about how someone is allowed to treat you.

Regarding this post, it sounds akin to idolizing a woman. We are created to worship God and love Him with all our heart, mind, spirit and strength first. When God doesn't occupy that primary place in our life, we will find something else to worship - money, sex, success, fame, romantic love.

But all of things are flawed so the foundation of your love is cracked from the start. It will work out in the beginning for a while but not in the long term because the kind of love we so desperately want and need can't be given by a person or possession. Only God love us so much to make us feel whole. But He is a gentleman and will not force Himself on anyone. It's up to each person to seek a close personal relationship with God.

The way to start is to learn more about Him. How can you trust someone, much less love someone, if you don't first get to know that person? God wants us to seek His Face, not just his hand.

A lot of people call up God in a crisis, then forget about him when everything blows over and all is going well. If you had a friend like that, what would you think about that kind of friendship? Wouldn't you think that your "friend" is just a user, someone who'll call you up when he needs money or help but never calls you to hang out or invite you to his party?

If you think a girl can take the place of God in your life by loving you enough to save you, then unfortunately you're going to find out the truth the hard way.
Always Elizabeth

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