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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

when you see the light... just for a second

For one fleating moment, its there. You see joy. Your mouth smiles. Your lungs can breathe it in. You want the world to feel it, but your alone and it's just you. Your alone in the world, but it doesn't matter. Silence all around you, but you still feel joy. Nobody is there for you, but you still feel joy. Never let a fleeting moment leave without thinking about the joy that it may have brought you. Even if it was just for a second or two.


mastershops said...

sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Alcohol brings just enough joy to keep you wanting more. The process of quitting brings no joy and is depressing. The other side of quitting brings blessings and happiness beyond belief.

Chad Kneller said...

Read through a lot of your blogs and it brought back a lot of old memories. I was there with you for many of the crazy parties in our teenage years. I got lucky with no DUI's until 2001, and only the one nasty car accident we were in where you had to have your spleen removed. The Rock Bands and Karaoke bars is where I spent my 20's years. Finally quit after a long hard struggle in my 30's and now just got a Bachelors Degree, built a family and am investing and saving lots of money. I think we are made out of the same material bro, and if I can quit you can quit. I definitely remember all the excuses and tempttions though. And when you say demons you are right. They are alive and well on earth. Through the blood of Jesus Christ we can command those demons to leave. My wife and I went through an RTF (Restoring the Foundations) ministry recently and did just that. We got some deliverance. Anyway bro I'm here for ya man and I think your onto something with these blogs. Might make a good book someday. I'm working on one called "Finding Happy". Talk to you soon.
God Bless,

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