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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Smile, and just wonder why it's not everyday material.

Who cares about you? Really? Who actually will feel sad when you die? Who will cry inside because they love you so much and their life isn't quite the same without you? Wake up out of addiction... Be strong.. Live your life... Smile... Knowing that you have the skills that enable you too!


Anonymous said...

I grieve daily for my long time husband who continues to feed his "disease". I really don't see this as a disease, but an addiction that changes the person affected with it on so many levels. He's had many opportunities for help, especially from the military, but he refuses. In the mean time, our kids and I get hurt.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting the similarities between a lot of alcoholics. They shove those that love them away until all they are left with is their friends at the bar, until they can no longer afford to drink in a bar. Then, they are totally alone, drink at home and wonder who loves them. At the same time, those that do love them die a little inside each time they are witness to the drunkenness or the aftermath of it. Yet, that alcoholic will swear nobody loves them. That’s not true; they just don’t look beyond themselves to see what really is.

PS-Anonymous, I am the adult child of an alcoholic. I feel your pain and will pray for you and your family every day.

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