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Friday, February 12, 2010

Not sure it can get harder than this!

This morning, it was EASY not to smoke.. Right now, it takes every bit of strength inside of me to refrain! It has been five days since I have inhaled a cigarette.. A lot of positive things have taken place since then! I have come down to the conclusion that an alcoholic can never quit cigarettes while they are still drinking.. Maybe it isn't true, but wow it's hard.. It's a frame of mind.. My mouth is drooling for a cig..

Maybe it's because I was sitting between two people smoking beside me at the bar! I went to a non smoking bar initially, and I didn't have this effect. Hurry up and take away smoking from Missouri bars! I totally never thought I would hear myself say those words!!

Cigarettes, are destroyers of the mind and body.. They will surely shake your hand and smile to you however.

Anyway, this is an alcoholism blog, and I'm fully participating... I have been exercising since I ditched the cigs, and have been walking around in a daze! I don't know who I should talk to, and who will listen to what I want to say! Who can be an alcoholic, work, go to school, get yourself ripped drunk, read a book, work out, and still be alive? I would LOVE for one single person who doesn't suffer from addiction to accomplish this. ONE!! THEN tell me (my sisters and brothers) that we are weak!

We are strong! never forget this! My mouth is drooling, but cigarettes will never be apart of my life again! Why is my mouth drooling? Who cares, I don't wanna die. At least not that way.. I have bullshit fake withdrawals hitting me now.. I don't want to smoke. Smoking has made me feel like shit for over a decade! Why would it start feeling good now? It's a LIE! You know it too!

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Anonymous said...

I dont feel the pain youre feeling. I read the book you recommended and it was like a lightbulb went off. It took away the desire to ever smoke again about half-way thru reading the book. Not to say that I dont still have uncomfortable nicotine withdrawal pangs, cause I do. But they arent painful, and I know eventually they will go away for good. I recognize them as what they are.
So I also endorse the book called The EasyWay to Quit Smoking. I Think thats what its called.
Anyway, I celebrate being a non-smoker! I celebrate each withdraw pang as being a healer of my nicotine addiction. I will not feed my nicotine addiction ever again. I have escaped from the prison of smoking cigarettes.
Let my freedom begin.....L

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