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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quitting Smoking - Smoke Free For Four Days

I understand that this blog is about alcoholism and the life of a practicing alcoholic, but in my last couple of posts I mentioned my desire to quit smoking. I will get back to the main topic in my future posts. Drinking and smoking me were slowly killing me, and it feels really good to be smoke free. I am actually sober as I type this, and it feels very odd. I really don't know what to write in a sober state of mind. I guess an alcoholic just doesn't know what to do with themselves when they aren't intoxicated. They don't understand how "normal" people function in everyday society.

Well, I haven't had a cigarette in four days. Yes, there were some pretty intense cravings that really had me climbing the walls, but I am already feeling the benefits of being able to breathe. I was actually able to exercise yesterday with a pretty good intensity, without the fear of dropping dead from a heart attack at any moment! I am aware that Im not nearly out of the woods yet, as far as the smoking goes, but each smoke free day breeds new confidence!

The first two days were very hard and I really wasn't sure I was going to make it. I started watching youtube videos, reading articles on the Internet about the early stages of quitting tobacco, and just for anything that would give me the boost of inspiration that I was needing at the time. Well, I came across a great book written by Allen Carr called "The Easy Way To Quit Smoking." I am providing a link for anybody who wants to kick this horrible habit. This book really gave me the confidence and hope that I was looking for. Since I was already in horrible nicotene withdrawals I didn't want to take the time to order the book and wait 3-5 days. I needed some help at that exact moment! So I searched the internet and found a place to download the whole book, so I could start reading right away. If I knew better I would have ordered the book a week before I planned to quit. Having the book in your hand would have been much more convenient than scrolling through page after page with your mouse, and then trying to remember where left off after you turn off your computer, etc...

The author of this book (Allen Carr) smoked between 2-5 packs of cigarettes a day for over 30 years and then just one day, he quit. Just like that. He isn't a "licensed professional", just an everyday person with a bad habit. He was very easy to relate to, because he was just a blue collar working man who is an authority on smoking. Not because he went to a college, and learned about smoking from a text book. He lived the slow suicide for over 30 years. He earned his PHD on the battlefield! I give this book written by Allen Carr my full endorsement. I read
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
in three days, and it really helped me get through those rough three days of withdrawal. I hope this may help some people..
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking; Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method

One more thing that I forgot to mention is that Allen Carr recommends that if you are still smoking and are unsure if you WANT to quit, to continue to smoke (not even to cut back) while you read his book. Many smokers don't want to read something telling them that they must quit. It is terrifying to give up cigarettes in the eyes of a smoker. He recommends continuing to smoke while you read the whole book. What do you have to lose? If you CHOOSE to continue to smoke after you have read his book, what exactly has it cost you? Approximately 12 bucks, which is less than three packs of cigarettes. Many of you who are reading this, will smoke more than that in a weekend! You will recoup this investment within days (depending on how much you are currently smoking) and will save thousands if you decide you want to choose freedom from nicotene addiction. If you want to continue to smoke, then there is nothing stopping you. This book just gives you the skills (mentally and physically) to actually break free from any hold that cigarettes have over you. FOREVER!

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