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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want to smoke a cigarette so bad!

Cigarettes are killers.. We all know that... When you have smoked them for some time they almost become your best friend... Right now I would love a cigarette more than anything in this world... This venture is a tough cookie... They say the physical addiction only lasts for 5 days or so... Right now, I want a cig. I haven't had one though.... Guess that means i have made one small victory?

I want to make a much rosier and brighter picture! I want those that are in my life to uplift me. I want to encourage others that are stricken with alcoholism.. I want to bring back the special people that were in my life that truly cared about me!

Never kid yourself. There are very few people that actually care and love you.. If you were in a dark alley ready to get mugged how many would put their health and safety on the line just for you!.. The ones that do, those are cool people.. Angels maybe.


Anonymous said...

Im inspired. Just remember when you are having a really hard time not smoking, know that This Too Shall Pass, and when it does, you have gotten even closer to the obsession being lifted. I just quit smoking too, one of my addictions.
God, please remove mine and Jeffs smoking obsession. Amen L

Anonymous said...

Despite the biblical comments very few believe in you as a person. They analyze and identify as it relates to them. You mean crap overall unless you touch and entertain them.

erika said...

The ones that do, those are cool people.. Angels maybe.

These are few and far between and sometimes you dont even relize until after they have moved on.

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