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Friday, February 5, 2010

Its so quiet before the storm hits.

Well, friends I have thrown down the gauntlet. I am quitting smokes after the Superbowl on Sunday.. I have told nearly everyone I have known in my life! I have blasted it across facebook, and those that I have confided in.. Why would I do that?

I feel that some things you just cant do on your own. The inspiration just is not there! Sometimes you fear of the one that you LOVE will be disappointed in you! If I fail and continue to smoke, I will make many dozens frown. I won't do that. I'm done my friends. It's going to be hard as hell.

I am the the last one hanging amongst my childhood friends.. They have ALL quit! They all smoked like me, or MORE!. They have chosen to choose life, without carcinogens. Kind of like how I was always the last one drinking on many occasions..

I'm the last of the bunch that hasn't put down the bottle for their own happiness and fulfillment. I had no idea that I would be the last person to just "wake the fuck up"! I was hard headed then, and I guess I am now.

Monday is the last day I suck in a carcinogen voluntarily ever into my lungs. I promise..! Believe me?


Anonymous said...

I believe you. L

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for you that worked for me and is way more affordable. You get the 21mg patches and depending on how much you smoke you can cut them in half or quarters and even smaller (a doctor told me they work like that proportionally). Physically you are only addicted 3-5 days so you can start tapering at 5 days.


So like, if you smoke a pack a day then use the whole patch for 5 days. Then cut it in half and go for another 5 days. Then in quarters, etc. until you are down to eights. That should do it. Then it's just the psychological but you sound determined there.

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