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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Want To Quit Alcohol

I announced to everyone that "lives" inside my cellphone that I will be quitting cigarettes very soon... Now, I am obligated or those that believed in me will be disappointed. That can't happen! I am quitting, and I will never smoke on a cancer stick again! Does anyone believe me? I hope so. Alcoholism, is a dirty rotten friend. Hope someone believes in what I am saying. I hope for encouragement.. Maybe a smile..


Chad said...

I believe in you bro. Don't try and do it on your own strength though. Allow God to guide you and your friends to empower you. STAY THE COURSE!!

lisa said...

Jeff, I believe you. I have known you for several years & I have never seen you so committed to giving up cigarettes as you are right now. The only time that you even smoke is when you're drinking. So when you go to the bar, I suggest that you dont even take cigarettes. Like you said, after Superbowl, you're done!!!!!!!! Well, you have inspired me too. I am also giving them up this week. Im done. Maybe together we can encourage and inspire each other to leave them alone. Cigarettes no longer have any positive affects. They are expensive, dirty and stinky. They keep me from physical activity. Im tired of being out of breath all the time. Im tired of waking up and coughing. Good luck my friend. Cigarettes kill, and you have too many people in your life that want you around.

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