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Monday, December 27, 2010

Alcoholism Romance

Alcoholism Romance - Wine Glass Alcoholics
Alcoholism Romance

Words don't need to be spoken
and our eyes don't need to meet
We love each others weakness
divulgence tastes so sweet.


Alcoholism is an addiction that fascinates me! I'm an alcoholic, yet I'm intrigued as to why that I am such a glutton towards the disease. Why have I let a simple drink, control me? Why can't I move past this? What is the attraction? What is the Alcoholism Romance?

What is the romance? Where is the love between the two?

Why do alcoholics drink, and why do they love to do so?

What is the romantic connection between an alcoholic and a bottle?

The romance is in the inner expression that is enabled. The love (regardless of the outcome) is expressing yourself the way you feel deep inside.

You cannot argue about the fact that alcoholics definitely express themselves. They do. Some positively, and most in a negative manner.. How can you express yourself positively through your alcoholism? I shouldn't say and add to the romance of the "rock star", "drunken poet" symbolism that we all know.

Their is a romance, but there is also an ending to the story that doesn't offer any support to what was originally in your heart! The ending isn't good. For real!

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