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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drunk Alcoholics Feel More Love Than You

People that slam alcoholics, and try to make them as weak souls, are just weak in their own lives.  Ever cry through the pain of your own existence?  Probably not. Wonder why that occasionally someone who doesn't think your such a disaster that you probably are? You don't get judged.

Plant flowers, and sprinkle seeds. listen to songs that touch you.  Listen to the wise words that I had to say and then, be kind and guide my drunken ass to the ground.

I have no idea what I'm writing now, but it is soothing to me..  I want to shout out that I'm the most imperfect man in the World!  I want to say that..


Anonymous said...

this is written as if only "depth" can be seen and felt through the soul of a drunkard. i am sorry to explain that it takes a lot more strength to see beauty & have the gratitude for life through all of life's burdens and hurdles. yes, everyone... or a lot of people are capable of "crying through the pain of existence". life obviously isn't perfect and we all wonder the meaning of it all. please just quit romanticizing alcoholism and depression, as if you'll be the next "Leaving Las Vegas" character. just because you have a blog doesn't make you special, it just highlights your narcissism, which is a necessary component to denial. it IS weak to live in a perpetual delusion to keep your habit.

also, your search for approval (i.e. not getting judged) will never fully happen because it isn't the world that's judging you. it's that tiny voice in your head that is screaming "THIS ISN'T THE WAY LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIVED".

mastershops said...

So how is life supposed to be lived? I would love to hear your grandiose theories! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how life is supposed to be lived but I can tell you something I do know-alcoholism is a progressive disease. You're killing yourself. What a waste! Life is not supposed to be lived trying to numb all the pain cuz you know what? You're numbing all the pleasure you could be having as well.

And are you really numbing pain, anyway?? You sound to me like someone in a deep amount of pain. Only rehab and therapy can help you, unless you want to end up like a former co-worker of mine whose liver ruptured in the middle of a job fixing plumbing. His liver basically exploded-there was blood everywhere when they found his body. He was a 30-yr alcoholic.

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