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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is sobriety better? I'd rather be drunk.

Sobriety... You have done the steps. You have alienated yourself from your former life. You don't talk to your former drunken friends. Are you happy now?  What am I missing? To me, sobriety sucks... I love to listen to music, drink beer, and talk about deep shit!  What the hell is wrong with that?  I want to watch the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls for the rest of my life with someone that simply wants to watch the games with me!


Sorry about that. Drunken 3 AM blog post last night. I really don't remember writing this. I went out to the bar and came home and drank some more.  Okay, quite a bit more.  It can get lonely drinking by yourself, but with the internet are you ever really alone? At least I did refrain from drunk facebooking, and for that I am thankful!


stella said...

just spent some time reading over your blog, and although I am a 32 year old woman, I could have written this myself about 3 weeks ago. Lately, my drinking has gotten me into quite a bit of trouble (legal and health-wise) and so I am on the road to recovery - or hoing so. I am detailing my last few days of drinking- my final drinking binge and road to recovery on my blog. but reading your blog makes me want a drink- - check me out @ and keep writing. i enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

There are many good reasons to get sober. One of them could be someone in your life who is watching you kill yourself, who could be dying inside. That someone is me, for my exboyfriend, who I had to cut out of my life because he put a loaded gun in his mouth while arguing, drunk, with me over the phone. Please please get help-you at least aren't in denial about your problem like the man I love is.

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