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Friday, January 28, 2011

Do You Remember Your Childhood Dreams?

Initially I was going to be a baseball player for the Chicago Cubs. There was no doubt! I was slightly above average on my little league teams!  My life's journey was set.  I would be showered with gifts, admiration, adulation, and support from those that simply wanted to be in my company.  Do you remember your childhood dreams? I do. Wow.

They didn't turn out quite the way that I had Imagined. First of all I discovered that I wasn't good enough to play baseball on a higher level. I didn't have a passion to save the world, and I never wanted to be an astronaut.  My childhood dreams were shot. What did I do? Not much for awhile. I listened to sports radio, ignored my homework, and discovered alcohol..  You know, just the basics to find the way to the path that leads to alcoholism.  It happens.

childhood dreams and alcoholismI am making a lot of progress in my mind. Yes, I still remember my childhood dreams. Did I achieve them all (or any)? Well, not really.. Not exactly as I planned anyway.  We all are meant for different journeys in life..  You know what? The ones that have a crazy maze path to go through? It's probably God's way of uplifting those who have a tendency to remain content in mediocrity. I may have been a drunk through many years of my life, but wow, I can connect mentally to someone with a hurting soul and feel their pain!

Do you remember your childhood dreams? Were you the next president, or a veterinarian who would save all animals from pain?  Did you plan to run a marathon and test your endurance, until you felt the pain? Did you quit, when you know that you had so much more to give?

Remember your childhood dreams. I'm not meaning that you should pursue your dream to be an astronaut, professional baseball player, or figure skating gold medalist. Just remember that special feeling that you felt inside when your dreams were waiting for you during your childhood.  The dreams are still there. Touch them, achieve them, chase them, or take a picture of your pursuit of those dreams! If you try, you win.  That's it. Period!.

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