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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Built A House Full Of Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails Poem
 Built A House With Rusty Nails

The foundation may be considered weak by any expert that came by
I wanted to raise the walls before the concrete was set
Skating left grooves that would be forever in place
I wanted to spend my winnings before I laid down the bet

The wall to the west seems to block out the wind....but,
I can't seem to hold it up by myself
Help me raise the wall to the north, to ease me from the cold
Shelter me from pain, pushed away upon the shelf

The wind has now ceased to bite into my skin,
But only two walls can't keep me away from the cold.
It's hurricane season bringing rain in from the East,
How will I stay warm, and strong enough for the story to be told?

Now I have three walls up, held together by glue
Scared to live, but more afraid to fail
I have almost built a home, with fault lines down the center
3 walls held together by rusty nails

I only need one more wall to make my home complete
but how can i find one that will  match my other three?
Three walls held together by rusty nails
I need just one more to set me free

I've built a house full of rusty nails
With empty floors, and  vacant eyes,
Lonely for love that evades me
Confusion between what is truth, and what is lies

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