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Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Doesn't It All Come Easier? Alcoholic Questions

 Why Doesn't It All Come Easier?

Alcoholic Questions
Why does life have to be a struggle all the time? I tell you what, I have been paddling upriver for awhile now. I totally "get" that when you keep screwing up, you will float down the river. Been there, done that. Why does there have to be a struggle when you are heading in the right direction, working hard, and paddling upstream?

It's not like an alcoholic hasn't carried around enough on his/her shoulders for way too long.  You have to walk through purgatory, carry the cross ( your own inner torment that you have to bear), ignore the past, and somehow be at ease in the present.

It's probably the way it has to be. Alcoholics like me LOVE "easy". It's just "easier" that way.  Alcoholics have to live, knowing that they have, (or are) hurting someone else.

When you think about the question "Why doesn't it all come easier"?  It just CAN'T! If it did for us alcoholics, we would put our pedal to the metal, do a '360, jump the turnpike ramp, and be back in bed by breakfast. We would sleep for a few hours and then be ready to do the "rinse, and repeat" scenario.

Why doesn't it all come easier? Alcoholic Question To Ponder......

It just can't.  It would be the death of me (and maybe you) if it did.


cynthia said...

All wonderful responses , I can relate to the woman who left her boyfriend , I kicked my husband out 4 and a half years ago , he's lost everything job, got evicted , and is now living at his sister's on a day bed in her living room . She is on methadone and he can drink and drug all he wants. He is on Fb all day and has no clue. I can only pray for him , but it is terribly sad to watch someone you love killing themselves. Is my life better without him ? ABSOLUTELY!!! but its all in God's plan not mine , my hisband brought me brought me to AA and dropped me off so to speak . My question to you is have you gone to a meeting yet ? All the T- shirt and coffee mugs in the world won't get you sober , but meetings will . Still praying for you, you have so much to live for you have NO idea !!!!

This Blogs Sometimes Drunken Author :) said...

Yes, I have been to AA meetings Cynthia. :) They never worked for me. I saw so many people there just trying to get out of going to jail, an what not. It was nice to relate with people who have been through what I've been through though. It was nice to see people shaking their heads as if "I know EXACTLY what you mean!" Maybe I'll make it back into a meeting sometime soon. Thanks.

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