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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am an Alcoholic.. sure.. I'm not a stupid one tho!

Where can you go to find smart alcoholics who drink themselves into oblivion, but not lose themselves? I "dunno". Where can you atleast go and drink amongst other losers who have a thought? A thought all to their own?

I dunno.. When it's quiet....... when......your mind calls to you..... When, you don't want to answer,,,, but you do.... when your brain says no, yet you say "look at my tears" as you accept the program.

I love... I just don't know. I understand though. I do

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cynthia said...

Alcoholism is not just a "drinking " disease its a THINKING problem , hence when your brain is saying I need a drink . I know your suffering , I feeel your pain , You help me to remember so i odn't ever ever forget .. I keep it real , Ilisten to hthe newcomers or people who have gone out after being in AA, I always ask (kindly) How was it ? and the answer is invariably , Hell.I was in hell for over 25 years, I have cried more then I ever thought possible, and a lot of that was in getting sober , but now they are healing tears , be kind to yourself my friend , the problem is we are full of self loathing and dont know it ! I dont want you to die.

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