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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Is My 14 yr Old Cat Staring At Me?

 Eternal Embrace alcoholic pic
Why?  Because It's The Way It Is Supposed To Be

Why has my 14 (maybe 15) Cat been so concerned with my life? I dunno, but I love her to death for loving me!

"Why does my 14 year old cat keep staring at me"? She curls her body beside me. Why does she keep staring at me? Is she disappointed in me?

I don't think that she is disappointed....., but I think I know why some people are!

I think my old cat has seen the rain falling off the eyelids of someone dear to me. Someone who I may, or may have not have met. Yet, somehow she remains concerned about me.

I think my old cat see's my tears and is here for just a lil bit longer for a purpose. I'm not sure if she is here to comfort my pain, or be my strength when I feel that I have none. My old cat feels like God, and maybe she is! Who is to say that she isn't? Maybe God is speaking through her?

What if my cat is GOD? Speaking, or maybe just comforting me? Maybe GOD understands the pain that I feel, and shows me some mercy from time to time. Who knows, but that "Eternal Embrace" pic is freaking awesome, and that's for sure.

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