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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alcoholism and Relationship Poems

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing in the last few weeks. Alcoholism not only affects your body in a physical and mental way. Financially, an alcoholics future is often clouded and uncertain.

An alcoholic often has trouble keeping a job, and the motivation that one needs to advance in a career is often stifled by the greater need to feed their disease with more alcohol. This past year has been a struggle for me financially, so I had no choice but to get a second job for the holidays so my daughter could have a Christmas. I have hidden much of my alcoholism (I only have her ever other weekend) for her entire life, and the thought of her not having presents to open gave me the motivation for a temporary reprieve of my daily desire for alcohol. I still got drunk two or three times a week, but I just fit it in around the extra work schedule. With the holidays almost over, where will the added motivation go? Will the daily temptations return like they always have? I'm afraid of what that answer may be.

Today, I want to submit a poem that was sent to me about a woman's struggle with her significant other, and the problems that alcoholism can bring to a relationship. An alcoholic often seeks a partner that either enables their behavior, or who also has a drinking problem themselves. An alcoholic hates to be judged, and engaging in a dysfunctional relationship seems to ease some of the self loathing and guilt that comes with the disease that we call alcoholism. Please feel free to leave some comments about Lena's poem..

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Best Inspiratoinal Poem Ever

The Tables Have Turned

They tell me to let go, they tell me to be strong.
But how can I do that when you're already gone?

Meeting after meeting. Day after day.
Dollar an hour but will this ever go away?

I was sober while your were drunk.
Now I'm drunk cause you're sober.
I was home while your were lost.
Now I'm lost cause you're home.

How could this be that the tables have turned?

Thinking you were in space, I was loosing my mind.
Thinking the worst and you really were on the grind.
So, I did the same while you were gone.

Fake smiles from people I thought mattered.
Lies I believed.
But still, no you and me.

How could this be that the tables have turned?

You were drunk I was sober.
Now I'm drunk cause you're sober.

What the hell is wrong with me?
This shouldn't be happening to me.

The poison you once loved plagued me.

Now it's the end and you'll see,
that's it's you and not me.

The tables have turned.
Now I'm sober cause you're drunk.
And you're drunk cause you'll never learn.

I'm home now and you'll forever remain lost.

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mjscottlanyard said...

Nice poem, Hope I can do a poem as nice and meaningful like this. It seems alcoholism gives you an idea to do this.

sober living california

James said...

I will agree to this. Nice poem about struggle on alcoholism.

It's my three months since I stopped drinking alcohol. Still experiencing cravings especially at night.

Thanks for this poem.

Stop Drinking ALcohol said...

You will always find obstacles on your path towards success and important decisions in you life will have to be taken. The most important one is the friends you wish to be with and you may even have to change your lifestyle in order to avoid any contact with alcohol. A good tip would be to substitute alcohol for something healthy like fruit juice and chewing gum is a great ally too.

Nice poem. Thank you!

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