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Friday, January 8, 2010

Sometimes You Just Get Sad

You know you are smart and you know that you have something worthy to give to the world. Yet, your back in the same hole again. That's where I'm at yet again. Again... So much to say, and a thousand people to say that I'm less of a man.

I can dream, raise my hopes, and announce to the world that I can kiss the edge of time. Speaking to my inner soul is easier, when you don't have to answer to the questions that lie inside.

It makes me sad when I only allow myself to write a few words at certain moments in my life. Feelings, and moments are there, so readily available. I wish, that it was allowable. Allowable that my weakness's weren't so shunned.

Watched a movie two days ago. I related to it, and that too made me sad. John Travolta played the role of an Alcoholic living in the south. Once a proud professor, who lost himself in the bottle, which eventually took his life. It was a story of struggle, of triumph, and ultimately defeat. It's really hard when you keep writing your own epitaph. The title escapes me at the moment.. Curiosity suddenly consumed me and I just had to find it on the internet. It was called "A love song for Bobby Long"

I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie. I don't care however. It's probably better that way. I loved listening to Travolta say quotes from literary classic authors.. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed Scarlett Johanson (I have no idea how to spell her last name) be so wonderful. The other co-star was fabulous as well. It was a movie that actually had an ending that was nice and and a closing that I didn't have too many issues with :)

I actually want to go down to the "river" right now!! Not yesterday, but now! Bobby wanted to live... For a moment...

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