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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten Monkeys Lying In My Bed

Ten monkeys lying in my bed. You don't want them there. What can you do? It doesn't seem like a fair fight does it? It's not a fair fight. What can you do when you throw one off, and they're are still nine more? Be strong, look at those monkeys (I'm referring to demons) in the eye and rebuke them.

For those of you without addiction, imagine these monkeys hanging on your back like a friggin "backpack".. It's so heavy! They don't leave, and they are alway's there to give you input inside of your restraining ear. You know whats right, proper, and what the correct decisions are. By yourself (without monkeys) it's easy.. Done, and fixed. Not so easy sly boy. You have ten monkeys on your back. The monkeys are insomniacs. They start eating you LITERALLY from the inside out...They don't fear death. They encourage death. These monkeys (addiction feeding demons), will kill you and kiss your kids afterwards (providing a little comfort and hoping that they can kill them too).

What can you do? I'm not sure exactly and I have a couple Angels in my life who are rooting, praying, and cheering for me every single day! Counsel, love, and forgiveness is wonderful. For that, I'm thankful. How does one person fight against ten monkeys? One at a time.

One monkey, you can corner the animal. You then have the ability to look at the demon in it's eye's. You can then rebuke the fucker, flip it off and roll it off your back... Just like "Misery loves company", it's also just as viable that you can meet the morning knowing that you are stronger than those darn monkeys!


Chad said...

"Through Christ all things are possible." We can do very little with our own strength but if we have the "faith" of a mustard seed we can move mountains. God wants to fight your battles with you but you have to submit to him. You have to lay your problems down daily at the foot of the cross. No person can fight off 10 monkeys using only there own strength. God can fight off legions though. There is a reason that Jesus is called "The Savior." He wants to free you of your demons but first you have to come to realize who you are in him. We were made in God's image and when Jesus is living inside of you then you have the authority to cast out demons. If he is not living in you then when a demon is cast out it comes back with 7 friends. I'm rooting and praying for you bro.

Chad said...

Here is an e-mail that I sent my friend Steve back in April of 2007. It was a great example of deliverance.

I am hoping that you can give me some clarification of what happend to me last night. Jaree and I have been under some serious demonic attacks as of late, and God has been cleansing us of our inequities of the past. Just last night, I experienced the Holy Spirit's power as I never have before. I was having horrible nightmares and woke up just enough to realize that I was under demonic attack. As I began to speak in tongues my whole body began to shake uncontrollably and violently. Lightning was flashing outside and the light was filling my mind. With my eyes closed, I put my hands in the air and cried out to God. I was overwhelmed by the power that took control and cleansed my body, taking me from a state of anger and frustration to total and complete peace in a matter of minutes. I know that if I would have been standing I would have fallen to the floor. As the darkness was pushed back I felt a sense of completion, like I had graduated to the next level of the
School of the Holy Spirit. Anyway, it was amazing.
What do you think was making me shake like that? Was it the prescence of God or a demon that was attached to me trembling in the presence of the Holy Spirit or maybe a demon fighting to not leave. Whatever it was it was overwhelming and I am still beside myself that this actually happened to me. It was very surreal. It's one thing to hear about these kinds of spiritual warfare and such but to experience it is a whole different thing. Let me know your interpretation of all of this.

God Bless,

I've had other deliverance since then but nothing as extreme as that night. I will be praying for your deliverance from alcoholism.

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