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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Am Going To Try This

I'm nervous, I don't know how to drive in a city... I'm afraid if anyone will ever like me. I'm afraid that I will be a jerk to someone because I am drunk and out of my comfort zone. It's scary.

What do you think? Would I have a following for creating a blog that focuses on an alcoholic trying to start in a new city without knowing anyone? There is a lot of inner drama that seems intriguing.

What do I really have to lose? An ex girlfriend telling me that I'm horrible, and a loser? Well, that happens anyway! I wouldn't be leaving my daughter because she lives 20 miles north of me.. I am thinking about moving 20 miles north of her! Still, only 20 miles away!

1 comment:

Elle-Bea said...

you sound confused. Maybe writing will be cathartic. Do it.

Have You Ever Woken Up and Not Know Where Your At?