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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who really cares?

Who care's? For real? Who actually care's? when, you die, who the fuck cares? Who will sit there alone at night and toss around memories of you? If someone does, grab ahold on and embrace them! They are an Angel in your life!

I honestly sat at the bar tonight and observed about how many people actually smoke. There were 15 people at the bar. There was 1 person who didn't smoke... ME!! Why is booze such a bullshit reason to smoke?

It's not weakness. Weakness is continuing to hurt yourself. Voluntarily.


Anonymous said...

I have cared too much for the alcoholic husband in my life. He does not care about me or our kids. He says he does. If he does, why won't he take everyone up on the help that's been offered to him? The military has tried, along with family and friends, and professional counselors. All to no avail. In the mean time, who gets hurt the most? I'll tell you, the innocent bystanders.

alcoholics life said...

I'm sorry anonymous. Collateral damage is a horrible side effect :( I couldn't even begin to tell you how many people I have hurt in my life because of this disease. I'm so sorry :( I admire you for sticking with him through it all.. I get the sense that you are at your whits end however. Hopefully, he wakes up and gets this!

Anonymous said...

To alcoholics life above,

Yes, collateral damage is a horrible side effect. I put up and tried to help my husband for 18 years. His verbal, emotional, and physical abuse became too much for me to bear. The kids and I are leaving him in June when they finish with school. He says he understands but I don't really know if he does. Too much damage done in the marriage, including infidelity, to try any longer to make things work. I pray he will "get it" soon, before this so called disease alcoholism kills him. I don't really buy into the disease aspect. It is a terrible addiction that has a hold on him. He needs to hurt, hit bottom, before he'll want help....

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