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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting All Over Again

It's tough to start all over. You get comfortable with where you are at. If you are one stricken with anxiety, alcoholism, addicted to cigarettes, panic, trepidation, and fear then you are almost implanted in that addictive cement that can sink you to your knees, leaving you helpless to where you just cant move.

My fingers have started to quiver, and shake as I write this, because it's me stepping out of my comfortable box. I think that I want to step on to a tight rope without a net. I want to spend the last of my money on one months rent! I would have another two months rent if I didn't do anything! Complacency is not an option. Complacency has ruined my life. Complacency, is just as evil as booze, cigarettes, or lack of will.

I am 37 years old and have let alcohol, complacency, and fear derail me from my dreams! Remove alcohol, complacency, and fear, where would I be? I would be right where EVERYONE of those who aren't alcoholics, DON'T WAIT, and AREN'T AFRAID are!! They are sitting in good jobs, vacations twice a year, and in loving families and homes!

I love alcoholics, and their pain soaks in to my fingers, body, and soul... Just can't give strength to that demon anymore. Please don't be complacent like I have. Live your dreams! Don't wait anymore!

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Jacques Weiss said...

Based on my friends and on personal experience, quitting sure is hard to do, due to its withdrawal symptoms. But on my case, when I quit smoking and alcohol altogether on cold turkey, I never experienced any sickness even though I've been smoking and drinking for a long time now.

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