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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Darkest before the dawn?

It's the darkest before the dawn..... Is that some saying to provide me comfort? Is there some factual basis behind this statement? "Oh don't worry, it will all be "sunshines and rainbows" if you show a little faith.. "It will only hurt a lil bit"....


I'm down on my luck and feeling sorry for myself. Is it really the "darkest before the dawn"? Am I going through some dark tunnel and on the other side it will be rose petals and daffodils? Would that make me happy? Well, I have never really given a shit about rose petals, or daffodils. In fact they only look pretty for a season.

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Kaite Emmons FB said...

You know what.. I honestly think that it is "Darkest Before Dawn"... People don't ever seem to realize what is beyond what they are feeling right now... and this isn't about rose petals or daffodils.. it's about you, in your heart, feeling better than you thought you could.. I wish I could take everyone by the hand and show them, as I myself, many times in my life, had hardships, and all those times that I thought I couldn't do it, It was God given that I had people around me to push me and remind me of what was beyond this moment... Now, I think that if I were to do it any other way, I might as well just have died... I am amazingly more happy than I had ever been in my life, because I made it through each obstacle, one day at a time :)

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