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Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Alcoholic That Hates Drug Addiction

First of all, some type of hyperbole takes effect in this very first sentence (the title of this blog). An alcoholic that hates drug addiction. Well, it's true. Maybe I don't consider alcoholism and drug addiction the same animal. In my opinion they shouldn't even be in the same zip code!

I have been an alcoholic for 20 years, yet I still have a sympathy for my addiction to alcohol. In my mind, it's still fun to drink.. It is! You have to be more careful however. I love to drink with someone that will converse back to me. I open up out of a shell that lays dormant otherwise. The only drug that allows me to do this is alcohol... You see, I don't want to lose control.. I want to think deeply. I want to have the capability of crying. I want to have the skills to write a poem. I want to have the sudden inclination to listen to my own inner feelings. I love alcohol for the insight of those long lonely nights. I hate alcohol for those moments in time where it took over my mind and left me at a mental loss for my mind, body, and soul.

Labels on someone that you talk about, are nothing more than an opinion or a statement.. Take a step back and listen for just a moment before you condemn someone. I'm tired.. I'm lonely........ I'm sad........ Goodnight

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Anonymous said...

You're fooling yourself. All those things you THINK you have when drunk--are all illusions. You're not clever when you're drunk. You're not a poet when you're drunk. You're not powerful when you're drunk.

All the drunks I've ever seen stumbled around, slurring their words like damn fools.

Alcohol is the biggest liar of all. It makes you think you are those things so you'll keep turning to it. ALCOHOL IS A LIE.

People who are sober are way more creative, intelligent, stimulating, and fun to be with because they're not doing the stupid things drunk people do.

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