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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When the relationships over?

alcoholic relationships
I was drunk when I wrote this late last night after I closed down the bar. I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking about past relationships: Sorry if it sounds like drunken ramblings, but that's pretty much what it was.. It's what depressed, sentimental alcoholics do sometimes I suppose:

What does "you never say the words that I need to hear mean?"
It means that I'm not feeling the emotions inside to say them.

What does "Your stupid mean?"
It mean's that you haven't met the person that you should be with, so stop saying such cruel comments.

What does "Why don't you do this" mean? It means that I must not want to, because if you were the one for me I would.

Why do you act like you care? Until you feel the wonders of love you will ask yourself "what do the words say?"


Above is what an alcoholic writes when he gets home from the bar and wonders why he can't sustain a relationship, love eludes him, and is sitting at home alone wondering what has went wrong. When the relationship is over the alcohol remains. Alcoholics have a way of blaming others when relationship problems are usually the direct result of their alcoholism.

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Anonymous said...

The alcohol is why I can't be with my exbf right now. Am I angry that he chose something that will eventually KILL him, over a worthwhile relationship with someone who loves him and would give the world for him? Most people would kill to have love. And he throws it away! Am I mad? DAMN STRAIGHT I AM MAD.

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