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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Do Alcoholics Drink?

Why do alcoholics drink?
Why do alcoholics drink? What makes an alcoholic drink past the self gratifying sensation of quenching someone's thirst?

An alcoholic drinks to satisfy one of its "senses".. Why do you breathe? To fill your lungs with oxygen, and to have the strength to speak just one word? You need another breath to speak more. You need another breath to survive.

Why do alcoholics drink too much? Alcoholics drink too much because alcohol fills a void and masks their sadness. It's a soothing effect. For the moment.

Why do alcoholics seem to be always depressed? They seem to be depressed because they are. How many happy alcoholics have you met and expect to meet in the future?

Why do alcoholics continue to drink even though it turns their life upside down? It's a question that only Ernest Hemingway, Ulysses S Grant, or Lindsey freakin Lohan could answer.

Why do alcoholics drink? The thought of not drinking is actually more terrifying. That's why. An alcoholic is very secure in his or her frame of thought. The "numbing, make me forget" effect happens in time.

Why do alcoholics drink? Hell, I dunno...... I'm DRUNK...

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Anonymous said...

Alcohol is a depressant. You are depressed because you drink. So you drink more. And the cycle starts all over again. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? NOT.

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