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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alcoholism - It Feels Good To Me

alcoholism feels good, and also bad
Why is alcoholism bad at all times? It seems that we only get one script without any sort of advocate. I love to drink.. It enables a part of my brain that otherwise stays in a sad dormancy.. It opens up creativity that is dead without it.

I have heard the opinion of just about every critic out there. I'd like to hear why I shouldn't embrace my alcoholism? Why? To not tap into a part of my brain that gets engaged when I get drunk? Because its unhealthy? Is it really any more unhealthy than a Christmas dinner? If it is, it sure isn't by much! Almost all of my beer drinking bar buddies are still alive and well, but those potato eating, non drinking, relatives of mine are dropping like flies.

I guess the whole meaning of this post is to do what makes you happy. Don't be careless and put anyones life in jeopardy.. If you want to have a drink and your not behind the wheel drink it. If your able to drink without turning into a mean person then do it. If your alcohol consumption affects your life in a negative way then don't! If alcohol turns you into someone that you don't like, then never drink alcohol! If it enriches you, write it down.

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