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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rise Above Alcoholism and Smoking

rise above alcoholism and smoking
How do you rise above alcoholism? I'm not exactly sure but I do know that you have to stare it in the eyes. I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years, but I finally reached the point that I stared down my addiction and took it on.. I read Alan Carr's "Easy way to stop smoking", and it was a freaking life saver.. I sent the book on to my Mother and she is smoke free now as well!

Wow, I went way off track.. How do you rise above alcoholism? I don't know. I think that you have to hate the disease. I still don't hate alcoholism. If I was a bad drunk, I would hate it. If my dad used to beat me, I would hate alcholics... that just hasn't happened to me.

Alcoholism has sent me to prison however. Why doesn't that make me hate the disease? Because thru it all, I have been a very friendly drunk. There was always an excuse for why something bad happened.. With cigarettes it was never emotional.. They just made me feel awful.. Who wants to be short of breath? Who wants to be creative in their mind? Me! Cigarettes suck.. I still don't think that alcohol sucks though.. DAMNIT!!

We will overcome! Stop smoking! I can say that you will be so grateful! I'm still working on the "stopping drinking" part. Alcoholism... Yeah, well... It is, what it is...

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Anonymous said...

My father was (and still is) an alcoholic and has suffered enormously because of it, and yet, that didn't stop me :(

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