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Friday, December 24, 2010

Drunk On Christmas Eve

Right now I'm sitting with my 14 year old cat who won't come into the room because I'm watching my Mother's two dogs.. One of the dogs is a pomeranian.. The other is a lil dog that was in a puppy mill for the first 5 years of her life.. Don't let me get going on that subject.... If your not an animal lover, then you are an animal hater in my eyes....

Guess what? I killed an animal tonight.. :( On the way home from taking my daughter home, a bird flew out in front of me. It was misting down rain at about 35 degrees. Foggy as heck... A bird swooped down and hit the front of the top of my grill and bounced against my windshield. I felt soooo sad... All the way home, and all the way forever.


dhinge said...

Sounds better than my Xmas Eve. I spent it helping my Mom drag my drunk alcoholic sister to a movie (we missed the showing at the first theater because of it) and listening to her make all kinds of strange out-of-place too-loud comments the whole time. You sound like you had a good Xmas Eve.

By the way, you didn't kill that bird; it was an accident. Several birds have hit my car while I've been driving in different situations, and they fly into stationary windows all the time. They're just not that bright.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you're an animal lover. Please feel good about that because not enough people out there are kind to animals. I personally believe that if you're kind to animals, animals can't pay you back but God will because you're protecting his defenseless creatures on earth.

Some famous men in history were very kind to animals, and that's why I think God accorded them with honorable distinction. Abraham Lincoln was famous for loving animals, and he became one of our most important presidents.

William Wilberforce, a British member of Parliament in the late 1700s, founded the Humane Society because he was appalled at the mistreatment of horses. He loved animals and became a Christian after an early life of dissipation. Wilberforce was memorialized in history as responsible for ending UK's slave trade. His inspiring life is recorded by the movie "Amazing Grace." His mentor was actually an ex-slaveship captain who was remorseful for his sins and subsequently penned the hymn "Amazing Grace."

All in all, being kind to animals is a mark of kindness and good in a person. You may not be perfect (who is), but please build upon your strengths. Having said that, what has helped tremendously is invoking Christ's Name in my life. I say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Jesus's Name is very holy and powerful - whenever you're in trouble, call upon His Name to protect you. But you can't if you don't really believe who He is. So just ask Him to help you believe. If you're sincere, Jesus will.

Remember, you can't be on the fence about Jesus. A lot of people say he's a good guy but not the Son of God. That simply is an implausible position. There are only 3 positions that you can take on Jesus: 1) He was insane; 2) He was an evil man; 3) He is the Son of God.

The reason is because in Biblical times any prophet who would dare claim divinity would have been classified as a heretic and killed. If Jesus was self-deluded (kind of like a David Koresh-figure from Waco, TX), then why believe anything a crazy man said thousands of years ago? If Jesus was lying about being the Messiah, then he was an evil man so why should you believe anything that this liar said? If he wasn't insane or evil, then Jesus must be the Son of God - you decide.

Always Elizabeth

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