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Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 Step Alcoholics Anonymous T-Shirts - Recovery Tees

 12 Step Alcoholics Anonymous T-Shirts and Recovery Tees

Looking back over 23 years of drinking it has become quite clear that I could be the "poster boy" of the guy "falling off the wagon". I can't recall how many times I have quit drinking, only to give in to temptation (addiction?)..

My longest durations of "abstinence" from drinking was when I would attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It was always nice to relate with others who you could relate to. It gives you a sense of inner strength when you have the support of others. Others who understand how you feel. Others who seem to care as much or more for your recovery than you do!

Here are some 12 step, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Recovery t-shirts that I have found that you may enjoy. Actually I should probably buy a few. It wouldn't hurt to be wearing a constant reminder of my sobriety (yeah, all 20 hours of it!). If nothing else maybe some AA lifers may stumble upon my blog and leave a few comments for support.

I appreciate all of the supportive comments people have left over the past couple of years. If your new to the site, and are curious to what an alcoholics life is like then follow this blog. If you don't drink, maybe my roller coaster life will give you the incentive to never even start! Or maybe your on the wagon but have been having weak moments and are afraid that you just may fall off! Stay the course. One day at a time!

Imagine That! Me Sober

Imagine that Me Sober White T-Shirt 
This is the Alcoholics Anonymous t-shirt that I am going to get. It describes me well. I am sure people have a hard time when I say that I am going to stay sober. I've said it too many times and I've lost all credibility. One of these days I'll get it right!
24 Hour Club, Alcoholics Anonymous Long Sleeve T-Shirt

PROUD MEMBER 24 HOUR Long Sleeve Alcoholics Anonymous T-Shirt

This t-shirt was actually designed by a recovering alcoholic!

The Monkey is Off My Back, But the Circus is Still in Town!

This tee is perfect for those in the early stages of recovery!

The Monkey Women's Light T-Shirt

Alcoholics Anonymous University of Hard Knocks T-Shirt

This AA tee would be perfect for just about anyone that has suffered from alcoholism. Alcoholics live a hard life, and make lives hard on others around them.


 12 Step Recovery T-Shirt - When All Else Fails Try The Steps

Here is a pretty smart slogan that anyone in the 12 step program could relate to! It says "The Elevator is broken, try the steps"

1000's More Alcoholics Anonymous Tees, shirts, jackets, hats, and more. 12 step recovery apparel as well. View More Alcoholics Anonymous, Recovery, and 12 Step T-Shirts

I would love to receive some comments and advice from long lasting Alcoholics Anonymous members. I can't seem to keep with the program, and each time I fall of the wagon (which is frequently) I get the same results. (I guess I just gave my self some good advice........I keep getting the same messy results every time I fall off the wagon!)

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