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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Famous Quotes About Alcoholics and Alcoholism

 Famous Quotes About Alcoholics and Alcoholism

Today I'm going to talk about some famous quotes about alcoholics and alcoholism.  There are many that I can directly relate to, and some that may pertain to you! Or maybe your not an alcoholic, but you can relate with them because maybe your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, or lover is!

Directly or indirectly, alcoholism affects nearly every family around the country in some way (or around the world for that matter!). If you have some favorite quotes, or quotes that you have written yourself that you would like to be discussed send them to Be sure to sign up to have this blog sent to your email or follow it on the feed. The links to subscribe to this blog are posted on the right side of the page.

"Famous Quotes About Alcoholics and Alcoholism"

Ernest Hemingway Alcoholism Quotes

A torchlight procession marching down your throat.

The Quote was Written by John Louis O'Sullivan

I sure can relate to this one. I fully understand what alcohol is doing to me, but with each sip and swallow the alcohol slides down my throat and soothes my yearning belly.

It's as if soldiers of destruction are lined up and in a uniformed progression marching step in step on their way into my body. Once they are there they disperse into different parts of my body with their swords unsheathed. Onward march, they disperse..... Some head to my liver to unleash poison, others continue on their way to the hidden passageways to my brain to disable reasonable thought and coordination capabilities.

A torchlight procession is right! An army of destruction that I welcome into my body because it's easier to give up control to those little soldiers that know exactly what they are doing! They will turn off the switches that regulate my fear, anxiety, and social inhibition. I think that's their little tactic to turn out the lights in my brain so they can sneak around my body and destroy in the dark. Like a thief in the night.


Can anyone else relate to the alcoholic quote "A Torchlight Procession Marching Down Your Throat"? Please share your comments. I, as well as others would love to hear your thoughts. People often accuse me of romanticizing alcoholism on this blog. I don't think I have. It's wrecked my life in many ways. It does have it's "romantic" qualities however. Why else do you think that so many of us become addictive to it? Why else is it glorified on television and nearly every other social function in the world? Disagree? Tell me about it teatotalers. Preach from the pulpit! ;)

Leave a comment, follow the blog, or email me.  Be safe everyone. I'll be back soon, with more exciting thoughts. Maybe they will be written in state of sobriety like I am at this moment! Then again, maybe not..... Ohhh, the intrigue.....

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cynthia said...

One of my favorites is "the enemy is the "inner" me".

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