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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time is Short!! Steve Goodman Videos, Songs

Steve Goodman Cub Songs, Cubs songs by Steve Goodman, Steve Goodman jacket, steve goodman in cubs jersey

If you have read my posts in the past, you are probably thinking "here he goes again, on his oh pity, oh poor me" rants... You may be right. I haven't figured out anything past my fingers pressing buttons at the moment ;)

We all only have a short time on this earth, but instead of just trying to fit all of your "living" into your life while your still sucking air (it's a very short time in the grand scheme of things), why not do something that will live on, well beyond you? It only takes one person to inspire another. I'm inspired today in 2011 by a special soul that died in 1984.. I never knew him in 2010.., 2009, 2008, or before.... A month ago, he had no existence or life in my mind...  Just goes to show, leave something for someone, they may pick it up and carry it on for you!

This guy in the video below is named Steve Goodman, and he was known by putting out a few tunes, and writing songs for other artists that became much well more known.. He wrote "Do you even know me by my name" , which David Allen Coe made popular, "I'm my own Grandpa", which someone made popular, (no idea who), and a few others that many would be familiar with.

What struck me, and drew me in to his presence is that after I listened and watched a few of his videos, he seemed like a man who was meant to pass a torch. A soul that was meant to breath life into others. He died at 36 years old. Cancer. Some of his video's had to have been shortly before he died.  Here is the song he wrote below "Dying Cub Fans Last Request"

You don't even have to be a Cubs fan to appreciate his love for baseball, and life in general. You could hate sports with a passion and get this video. If you LOVED politics, you could be asking to be laid to rest on the front lawn of the White House.... Or whatever.  He loved his Cubbies, and thats something he was passionate about.  He was strumming the chords to his guitar in the left field bleachers of Wrigley Field. What can you say?  A man in a Cub's jersey till his dying day..

"Your the girl I love" Steve Goodman Video

Maybe I don't know a thing, but if one single person listens to me, then my words don't fade away to silence..
Pretty cool shit huh? Wouldn't you want to be around a campfire with this guy?

City of New Orleans, Steve Goodman Video

City of New Orleans

How many  legends sang this song? Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, and originally Arlo Guthrie had the proud privilege to sing his song... They took it mainstream, but Steve Goodman is the artist, the writer, the poet, and to some like me, the legend.  People will come across your life.. They aren't dust in the wind. Acknowledge the greatness that you see in your life. Pass it on to others.

Talk Backwards, Steve Goodman Video

The song below "Talk Backwards" is just too clever. Check it out.

I'm going to stop my post for the day, but considering that it's March, and that I'm a die hard Cubs fan, I'm going to end this with one more Steve Goodman song tribute..... A Cubs song he wrote, and sang... A Cubs song that has became a song that has entrenched itself into Wrigley Field's nostalgic history. "Go Cubs Go" You simply can't leave in the seventh inning when there is the possibility of 40,000 people singing in unison to STEVE GOODMAN'S "GO CUBS GO" tune!

Steve Goodman, Go Cubs Go Video

Wow, I totally forgot this was an alcoholics blog. I got carried away, and it wasn't fueled by booze! Very cool!

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