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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drunk, But Not Sad. Somewhat Happy :)

 Drunk, But Not Sad... Am I Somewhat Happy?

Happy Drunk
Sorry, that I haven't posted recently. I'm fine, and all is well. I made it through Memorial Day.. I prayed for soldiers lost, and managed to get through the Holiday. Made it through without any bruises, scrapes, embarrassments, or feelings of overwhelming guilt :)

I've made progress I think. Drinking just to drink is no longer appealing. Waking up and feeling "anticipation" of what the day may bring, has trumped the feeling of "I feel so bad, I need a shot to make my head stop ringing".

Yes, I have been drinking, but instead of taking it to another level (which I have done countless times), I'm content with having a good nights sleep and waking up without feeling like I've been punched in the face by strangers :)


Mr Lonely said...

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Odysseylady said...

Good on you for reducing the amount! I'm reading your blog to try and see into my husband's mind, who does manage to hold down a job. But alcohol has cut him off from everyone bar me.

I see a lot of addiction (including obesity and shopaholism when you have no money!) as trauma related. All kinds.

Anyway, stick with feeling better about yourself. It's a great feeling!

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