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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alcoholics Need To Listen To Their Bodies

Alcoholics Don't Listen To their Bodies

alcoholics lifeIf you are an alcoholic, you have put your body through turmoil.  You do it again, and again..  Why? Alcoholics don't (but need to) listen to their bodies.

I'm an alcoholic and have woken up out of breath to the point that I wasn't sure that I could make it to the fridge. I'm to the point where I need to make a stand. I'm at the point where I need to take heed to the words my body has given to me.

You never know where the precious words may come from. Tonight, I was just sitting at the bar..  Kinda drunk.  Someone came up and said "I've never seen anyone drink as much as you and still be "with it" "You drink two pitchers and don't even slur your speech"  I responded with "I used to drink four pitchers by myself and would drive!.... I'm doing better now... I walk home, and only drink two pitchers.."

Then they say "Your kidneys will probably give out soon"..  I responded with "Why you say that?"  They responded with "They won't have a choice... You will be passed out when your body needs fluids.. Your kidneys will work overtime... You will be oblivious to the turmoil and desperate cries that are going on in your body.  You will wake up like it was just another drunken night."

One day in the near future your liver wont produce the proper bile, you won't get proper fluids to your body. Your fingers will begin to shake...... Your moods will swing.....  You will try to fix your ailments by drinking more.  It will work..... For a short time... When it no longer works, you will get sick... Very sick..

Alcoholics out there, listen to your bodies!  You will die if you don't! I promise! I'm an alcoholic and struggling with this!  I'm not a poster on the wall, and I know what I'm talking about.. I'm "one of you, them, whoever"

Any words of wisdom would be wonderful! For me, and anyone else struggling out there. When I'm drunk I don't know how to "SEO (search engine optimization) a page. If you like this, or think it may help someone, please forward and link to my site :). Thank You!   Love your forever, and ever, and ever!


Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere that a significant percentage of male alcoholics are actually depressed. Men tend to self-medicate their depression with alcohol because they have a smaller support network of friends and family that they can really talk with and confide in as opposed to women.

Given this, do you think it may be better to first seek treatment for your possible depression, then address the alcoholism afterwards? See your heavy drinking as a symptom instead of the main disease itself?

As a woman who dealt with serious depression, I corrected my whacked out biochemistry with a 3-month course of Prozac. I didn't want to stay on it longer because I erroneously thought that I would get addicted to it. But just staying on it for a few months was enough to stop me from getting can't-get-out-of-bed depressed. Mind you, Prozac didn't make me happy; it simply stopped me from crying so much so I could function.

I share this because maybe antidepressants may lessen your desire to drink somewhat. In addition, it's very important (especially for men) to have an extensive support network of friends. I'm not just talking about getting a therapist (I believe an empathetic Christian counselor would be best), but also making sure you have different people in your life to talk about different things. It's important not to lean on just one or two people because it's just human nature for them to burn out. It's good to think about each person's strengths-- some people might surprise you with how supportive and insightful they are. It's good to confide and lean on them in rotating order so they can recharge as well.

Also it's good to try to make yourself laugh every day. Funny comic books, comedies on TV, funny movies-- anything that will make you laugh. Also doing something fun every day at least for 10 minutes. Think about what made you most joyful as a child and try doing that every other day.

Another great mood-booster: doing something nice for someone else every day. It could be something really small like buying a small cup of coffee for the customer behind you on line. It could be volunteering in an animal shelter because lonely, hurting rescues need your love and kindness. If you're a musician, you can play music to calm and soothe them - I read an article about a woman who played the cello in the pound and all the dogs would stop barking to just listen to her play.

All my best and blessings,
Always Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know Elizabeth means well, but to actually suggest that an alcoholic seek treatment for depression and suggest that a course of antidepressants might be helpful in treating the depression of an alcoholic is kind of irresponsible. Alcohol is a depressant and mixing with medication can actually (especially antidepressants) have lethal consequences. Will an alcoholic stop drinking while taking the meds? Not likely - and that can have way worse effects than the alcoholism itself.
The other suggestions can work, if there is the willingness to try. I see where she is going with it – trying to pull oneself out of apathy and start doing productive things that make you happy everyday is definitely good advice for anyone – and yes, eventually you do feel better! On the part of the alcoholic it requires spending time away from the usual suspects (their alcoholic friends) and trying to find the joy and fun that can be had living a sober life, which is not altogether an enticing prospect to one who relates alcohol to every activity / good time they have had for however many years. It can be done and life can be rewarding and happy – but there has to be a willingness to try and the persistence to see it through even when it’s hard…one day at a time. I am not an alcoholic so I don't have any reality on the stuggles involved, but I do believe it can be overcome. I lived with an alcoholic and buried one and that is the extent of my experience on the subject, but it does not have to happen that way. I hope you do listen to your body…it is trying to communicate to you…you just have to listen and do something about it before it’s cries are so soft you can no longer hear them. I pray for your health, happiness and the strength you need to overcome the challenges you face daily.

An Alcoholics Life said...

Thank you both for your comments. Also, thank you Elizabeth for posting several that I haven't yet got to (but I will!)

You both make many great points! Pat yourself on your shoulders, for making someone who has a problem "think" about their problem. I thank you both..

Elizabeth, you are very correct about men not having a supportive network.. Guys just don't do that. Most likely they would just say to "drink another"! If your not wanting to drink anymore, you are pretty much on your own.

Also, I want to give some great advice (I think) about COE.. I know someone special to me that suffers from this. I'll post the email that I check daily tomorrow. You can email me, and we can talk about it :)

"Anonymous" you are also right about not suggesting medications to an alcoholic :) I have had a dear "yes, alcoholic" friend die a few years ago from mixing medications and booze.. Just not a splendid idea :)

The Black Sheep said...

The only thing we listen to from our body is the craving/urge to drink and than drink some more. We ignore the constant beating we give ourselves physically. Excellent Post. Thank You

Anonymous said...

hi all! i also am an alcoholic! im a 28 year old male been drinking irraticly since i was 17! personally for me its the surroundings im in! i have been drinking none stop for over a month now! beer, wine, spirits, i find that in the morning i can be fine for the first ten mins! then all hell breaks loose anxiety kicks in then i start shaking! my stomach pulls!. today i drank 5 bottles of beer to be able to feel i could leave a friends house then felt ok! tommorow will be 3!. my doctor gave me some gastric pills! stamped the sick note alcohol dependant for 2 months! so not only can i not work now! im also homeless as it was only a matter of time at the job center that i bullsed up my appointments then rent went up the wall and on top of that i have just been stopped access from my daughter over money issues!. i have no where to do a propper detox as it will take me about 3-4 days to clear my head and go through the pain! i always detox this way! the doc tells me not to and to keep halfing what i drink every 4 days! by the time i sink 2 drinks im back on the ride again!. my brother lives near a beach in a next town i dont no so im going there for a month to do detox! il worry about where im going to live on the way back for now i need to just get there! 1 day at a time!. being 28 i no im responsible for my actions! but still cant help but feel anger towards the governments for having alcohol legal in the first place! all i no is once im away and do my detox alcohols going to be dead to me! i cant do this no more i want my life back im fed up of my friends and family watching me slowly killing myself! the hardest part now is cus i have no stable roof im having to stop on frends sofas moving daily so i have to be medicated with alcohol to be normal! it will be about a week befor i can get the train to my escape!. i have told the other drinkers i associate with that its been fun!(at the time) but now my life ent a joke!. when i arrive the first nite will be the worst due to prolonged emmotions trapped inside then the anger at myself then the coolin off period! these are patterns i have noticed about myself! then its time to create my goals! job, ect!. to anyone out there whos an alcoholic! i feel your pain! but we ourselfs can only break this chain!

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