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Monday, June 20, 2011

As The Candle Burns, Burning The Alcoholics Wick

As The Candle Burns

 Burning the Alcoholics Wick

Like The Sands of Our Life's Hourglass Trickling Away

As The Candle Burns, Alcoholics Blog
The moment that we are born, our "life's wick" has been lit. At birth nobody knows how long our candle will burn. How many times have you had a candle that didn't burn all the way down to the end? How many times was the flame so small that it didn't create any glow and was always in danger of burning out?

How many candles don't even have the opportunities to brighten up someones life or provide warmth to a room?

It seems to me that alcoholics are like candles and burn their wicks from both ends. They don't appreciate all of the energy that is being lost up in smoke.  Billows of smoke that you can't grab, sliding between your fingers. You try to get it back, but it floats away.  You can actually see the candle's wick grow smaller in front of your eyes as wax falls to the floor. In vain you try to put out one end of the candle's wick. When you do, you are surprised to see that the other end burns brighter, stronger, and warmer! You let go and drink, allowing the other end to reignite. The candle loses it's glow. The lifespan of the candle's wick shortens. The room is no longer lightened.  Soon, it becomes too dark to see, and too cold to breath.

When you let both ends of the candle burn for too long..... Well, your not left with much light. It's cold.. you need warmth, but there isn't anything left.  The candle has been burned.  A candle is meant to be burned from one end.... Not two.

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cynthia said...

excellent analogy , hope you are doing well , still thinking of you ,and hoping ...

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