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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lyrics From Songs I'm Listening To Tonight

Lyrics From Songs I'm Listening To Tonight

song lyrics
I'm going to re-design this mess of a website tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to be drunk and listen to music that makes me happy (at least while I'm drunk). I've been real good about drinking lately, but wow it gets hard. Where is the joy and happiness of this "so called sobriety"?

I love to listen to songs that make me think. I love a melodic hook, and I love listening to musicians that I can respect. Sometimes I just love listening to a song that just sounds good with very little meaning. For tonight, I'm going to listen to songs and post a line (two lines MAX) from a song that I'm listening to while I drink myself into oblivion.

"What a drag, too many snags"

"I want to hear you, I want to see you, I want to relate to you"

"Say What You Feel"

"I remember when I was 17"

"Father said to pick your dreams"

"Smile Away Your Goodbye"

"my shadow is the only one that walks beside me"

"Here comes the pain again"

"Twenty years has gone so fast"

Basically, these were just "lines" of the last 7 songs that happened to come on (not my favorite songs. just lyrics froms songs that came on tonight while I'm typing). Every song usually has a lyric that is or can be memorable. Just like a persons spoken words that you hear.

I think too often people don't listen "to the lyrics" that lie within the song or the spoken message. Usually you can find the hidden meaning behind someones sad eyes. Maybe it's just me who thinks too much. I dunno!

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