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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Practicing Alcoholics 12 Steps To Destruction Program

A Practicing Alcoholics 12 Steps To Destruction Program

Many people are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program that has helped millions of people to live their lives free from alcoholic day by day.  I have been to AA many times but haven't quite been able to grasp the program (As Of Yet!). I was emailed a "12 Steps To Destruction" program that a fellow alcoholic has been following! I feel like I could have written some of the steps myself! lol.  I've seen several others like this around the internet. Maybe others can relate as well. I think I should probably write down the "12 step to destruction program" that I've been following and really see how bad a program that it really is!


Written by Unknown

1. I decided I could handle alcohol, if other people would just quit trying to run my life.

I have to admit, it has been hard for me to ever think that I am powerless over alcohol. Every time I come across a hardship that was the direct result from alcohol, it was usually someone else's fault! Ya, right.

2. I firmly believe that there is no greater power than myself, and anyone who says it isn't so is insane.

I have felt this from time to time as well. It's sometimes hard to think that there is some "supreme force" that is in control of everything. The "Everything happens for a reason" is a concept I've never been able to accept. Too many "F'ed" up things happen to too many wonderful people, far too often.

3. I made a decision to remove my will and my life from God, who didn't understand me anyway.

I haven't ever intentionally decided to remove myself from God. Sometimes I do feel a lil neglected from God however. Doesn't seem like my prayers get answered at times.

4. I made a searching and thorough moral inventory of everyone I knew, so they couldn't fool me and take advantage.

Can't really relate to all of this one. I have some wonderful people in my life that would love to help me in any way possible. However, as an alcoholic I have been hanging around with a lot of wrong people for most of my life. They don't fool me in any way. I know them for what they are, yet at times I still choose their company.. Doesn't make much sense huh?

5. I sought these people out and tried to get them to admit to me, by God, the exact nature of their defects of character.

Nah, they don't have to admit their defects to me. They showcase them daily.

6. I became willing to help these people get rid of their defects of character.

No, I joined them and willingly participated right along with them

7. I became humble enough to ask these people to remove their shortcomings.

Why would I ever want them to remove their shortcomings? Who would I have to drink with?

8. I made a list of all the people who had harmed me, and waited patiently for a chance to get even with them all.

I've never made out a list, but there's a few that I've thought about :)

9. I got even with these people whenever possible, except when to do so would get me into trouble also.

 If I knew that nothing wouldn't be tracked back to me, I'm ashamed to admit (ok, more than a few) that vengeance would seem gratifying at the time.

10. I continued to take everybody's inventory and when they were wrong, which was most of the time, promptly made them admit it.

I'd like to think that I don't, but I probably do.

11. I sought through concentration of my will-power to get God, who didn't understand me anyway, to see that my ideas were best and He ought to give me the power to carry them out.

Yep, I've did this for sure. Many times I wished that God would go along with my plan.  It was a really good plan damnit!  Apparently not that good. lol

12. I have maintained my drunkenness for 25 years with these steps, and can thoroughly recommend them to other alcoholics who don't want to lose their hard-earned status as drunks, but wish to be left alone, to practice alcoholism in everything they do, for the rest of their lives.

Pretty good steps to continue drinking recklessly! I've drank for 23 years.  Maybe I should write out my own "12 Steps To Destruction" as it pertains to my life. What do you think?


cynthia said...

love it , it works if you work it lol

Rooofer said...

I think the part where it says "... these steps, and can thoroughly recommend them to other alcoholics who don't want to lose their hard-earned status as drunks, but ..." Is perfect for the guy that is too weak to kill himself out right.
Yeah such hard work to turn to the bottle. Give me a break. There is no reason to self-medicate from your own made up fear of imagined and made up pain.
Time to grow up and live.
I once held people at the preverbal gun-point too. I quit drinking in my 20s and now I'm 49-years old and stopped for good 1-year ago. I have chosen to let GOD direct my life.
BTW - The 12-steps of A.A. are awesome if you work them willingly.

Anonymous said...

Rest,rest,you who are trying so hard.

Anonymous said...

Respect yourself + respect God=hope&truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the 12 step groups lead there members to share their secrets.God forgives,if we acknowledge sins and ask for forgiveness.I think sometimes their just out to get each other,whether it's a Christian 12 step or secular one.Keep you're secrets,d

Anonymous said...

AA often leads peaple to seek religion or knowledge outside of AA.It's a real mixed bag of foks who talk about unity,but I believe that their is a division that takes place between the true body of Christ individually that leads these away from AA in time,convinced within by the spirit of God,that this is right & necessary way to go,come what may,regardless of their AA'S web of words.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I am what it says I am,I can do what it says I can do.The bible.I can do all things through Christ.I belong to him.The power of the life-giving spirit has freed me.

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