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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reversing Damage From Alcoholism

Milk Thistle Plant
Well, the title of this blog can be a bit misleading. I really don't think that you can REVERSE all of the effects that years have drinking has done to an alcoholics body. However, there are many supplements, herbs, and precautions that can really minimize the damages of alcohol.

I have been an alcoholic for 20 years, and this may seem strange, but I have also been a HEALTH nut for nearly as long. The human body has always fascinated me, and I love to research alternative medicine and anti aging alternatives that often go unpublicized in western medicine. An alcoholic is committing a slow and depressive suicide by drinking in such large volumes, for long periods of time, over many years. Until you (or somebody you love) can find their way out of the darkness, I would like to share some protective herbs, foods, and supplements that can protect your body from alcohol.

After two decades of hard drinking, I am lucky to say that my body still feels rather healthy. That's not to say that I don't suffer from severe hangovers, I just make an effort to replenish my body with the nutrients that alcohol takes away. Since I don't have any health insurance, I have long ago decided to become my own health care provider. You would be amazed at how many alternative therapies are actually very effective at treating sickness and disease. I certainly don't have a large financial budget to afford all of the alternative medicine treatments that can be found on the internet. The monetary cost would be very substantial. I will just share some very effective natural treatments (that I use daily) that you can find at your grocery store, or local vitamin shop.
  • Milk Thistle and Dandelion - Milk Thistle is probably the best herbal supplement that you can take to protect your liver from alcohol. Milk Thistle has actually been PROVEN to reverse some of the damages of alcohol, and can prevent further damage. Read some facts about Milk Thistle from a University of Maryland Study. Dandelion has also been proven to be very effective in detoxifying the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol. You can purchase treatments both in one supplement to help those suffering from alcoholism to protect themselves from the damages from alcohol. Ordering Milk Thistle Online is Cheap and Easy, and Your Liver Will Thank You!
  • Beets - Personally, I can't stand the taste of beets, but after years of research on ways I can protect my body from the effects of alcoholism, I have found a way to tolerate them. Here are some facts about the benefits of regularly consuming beets.
  • Lemon Juice - Lemon juice is very beneficial for the liver. It is most highly effective if you heat up some water to a near boil in a "coffee mug" and squeeze a lemon into the hot water. Most liver cleanses are done with the use of Olive oil and lemon juice. A simple search on Google will give you thousands of liver flush remedies. I have tried this liver flush with amazing results!! The flush works my friends! Until you are ready for the flush treatment, then hot lemon water is good therapy for your liver. Ginger tea is worth checking into as well!
  • Cayenne Pepper Tea - Heavy drinking can cause heart damage, and if you want to keep your heart healthy, then heating up hot water in a coffee mug and mixing 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper is probably the best natural medicine that you can take for your heart (and it only costs a few dollars in any grocery store). Google "cayenne pepper heart" into any search engine to read all about the benefits that cayenne pepper tea immediately gives every organ in your body. Initially it is tough to swallow down, but you get used to it, and begin to like it. It gives you a boost of energy without the caffeine type stimulant jitters!
  • Plenty of Fluids - Anybody who has ever gotten drunk before has probably suffered from dehydration. Anybody who sufferers from alcoholism suffers from this on a regular basis. Drinking "healthy" fluids while you are drinking can help remedy the "next day dehydration effect", and immediately drinking plenty of water or juices the next day will greatly shorten the hangover time-span. Dehydration also makes all of your organs work harder and less effectively. Give your organs a break! I personally prefer V8 upon waking up the next day. It gives me a lot of nutrition, and the sodium content helps the body to retain some water, which is beneficial to the dehydration problem that the over consumption of alcohol has caused.
  • B Vitamin Complex and Multi Vitamin Supplement - Alcohol depletes the body of many water soluble vitamins. A B-complex and a multiple vitamin (without iron) helps give you a broad nutritional replenishment of the alcohol induced damages of the day before.
  • Vegetables - However you prefer to indulge. The more the better! I enjoy going out to a nice salad bar (Ruby Tuesday's for me!), and load up on every vegetable available. Use spinach lettuce, rather than iceberg lettuce (its worthless). Your body can literally feel the benefits that it receives.
  • Exercise - I know, its nearly impossible to exercise when you are hungover. The only way I can get around this is taking a day off from drinking. Do whatever you can to get through this day. Just taking one or two days off from drinking really rejuvinates the body and allows your mind to focus more clearly. You would be amazed at how differently you enjoy everyday life, commitments, and priorities if you just can give yourself a break from your addictions with alcohol. I love to exercise after a day or two off from "acting a fool" with my drinking addictions. I walk, run up and down my steps, and even lift a few weights. Anything that will break a sweat will do. Try replacing an "alcohol high" with a natural rush of an endorphin euphoria! The only drawback from this, is that I feel so good after the exercise, I have a strong urge to open a beer and "have some fun"! Ohhh, the life of an alcoholic.

These are just a few remedies that I do to offset some of the damages I have self induced onto myself from years of alcoholism. I would be much better off abstaining from alcohol entirely, but until I am ready to give the full commitment, I really feel that I have lessened the damages from alcohol. Nutrition, herbal supplements, and exercise really do provide benefits. I am almost 36 years old and still get carded for booze. These precautions / remedies must be doing something right! Just try to treat your body right, until your ready to make sobriety a part of your everyday life.

I am not condoning drinking, I just want myself, you, and us all to keep our health until we are ready to make the dedicated commitment. Nobody can preach somebody else into quitting their alcohol addiction. It's a decision that each individual must make on their own time. I have a strong feeling that alcohol will always win in the end if we never decide to quit. Until then, lets try to stay healthy, and keep our hearts open with the possibility that its possible to allow yourself to be happy AND sober. I know there's a way. I just haven't found it yet myself.

The following is a very good book (that I have personally read) that relates directly towards this article :

Eating for Recovery: The Essential Nutrition Plan to Reverse the Physical Damage of Alcoholism


Anonymous said...

Stop drinking, and you won't have to take all of those herbs.

mastershops said...

This is true. Its not always easy for someone who hasn't suffered from addiction to understand.

Are you without any addictions? How is your waistline? Been consuming too many trans fats? Maybe you can't get up from the couch to exercise? You know that a sedentary lifestyle causes heart disease, right? Too many carbs can cause diabetes. Of course your well aware of that aren't you? You realize that prescription pills (as well as many over the counter medication) are every bit as bad for your liver as alcohol is don't you?

Actually I am a health conscious person who happens to have an addiction that I struggle with daily. Other than alcohol, my lifestyle is quite healthy. Thanks for just choosing to judge me for living with an addiction.

I do appreciate your input however. I think its about time for my daily workout. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. I too am an alcoholic & am trying to protect my body from damage. Most of the info I have heard before except the B-complex & Lemon juice part, but it's good to see that all the the supplements & change in my diet should help. I'm sure you know this but try drinking red wine it's full of antioxidants.

alcohol rehab said...

Though alcohol rehab cannot reverse the most serious of these issues, getting treatment for alcoholism can stop the progression of these concurrent diseases and, in most cases, stabilize.

Anonymous said...

were is your fucking will power alcholic seft entre aree holes drouling in seft pity.

you need agood kick up the fucking arse.

I would not treat anyone with any kind of ddiction.

you dont decerve to have medical treatment just take a gun to your fucking decieced fuck body and give the rest of us peace. selfish shit,s you lot are.

Anonymous said...

Re: The ignorant idiot in the last post

Maybe you should go get your GED and learn how to spell. Or maybe you missed an education all together? Did you pass nursery school? An alcoholic can outwit you any day with your illiterate ways. They are some of the most genius people in the world and made it to the top even while suffering in silence. Watch out Mr. dumb ass, they are everywhere and they have no fear of idiots like you. Ignorant fool that you are. Good luck getting anywhere in this life without a heart.

Anonymous said...

I am just coming to realize that I am also an alcoholic. Reading this blog has helped me to understand how to keep my body healthier while i try on and off to become sober. thank you for the insight.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful with any supplements while drinking. Your liver can become overloaded and fail. It happened to me very quickly. I became jaundice in a matter of weeks, nearly died and almost required an emergency liver transplant. I'm in my early 30's and was completely healthy beforehand. I almost died from mixing alcohol and herbal supplements.

I haven't had a drink since and believe me when I tell you if I can quit drinking and not miss it at all, anyone can. I never thought I could quit and it took nearly losing my life to wake me up. I wish you strength and hope in your recovery.

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