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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are You an Alcoholic? Choose To Dream

An Alcoholics Dream

Never listen to a soul who says your "dream" is unattainable

Your a mess.. You can't put down the bottle when everyone else can.. Your weak. No you are not!

What is easy to some, is not easy to others. You have to realize it will be the hardest thing you have ever done.

You are not special.  People only feel sorry for you for a short period of time.

You are just as bright as anyone who has ever had a thought.

You are just as dumb as anyone who has ever had a thought.

You have things to say that can make a girls heart melt.

You have words that you can say that will make a mans hand clench.

You have power to quit.... to start..... to stay..... to dream....

What do you choose? My choice is to dream. It seems to be the most interesting path to visit.


Alcoholic Dreams
Not sure what that was all about, but It's always a nice release to write something. Thanks for those that listen and read occasionally.  I'm trying to get better, and I think that I am working towards that point.  I wish I woke up every day thinking in the same mentality... It must to be hard to fathom if you don't understand that statement..  No, I'm not crazy by any means, but an alcoholic addiction will "F" with your brain. 

I won't drink for the next two days. Tomorrow I will want to watch a great movie. I will want to go to a museum. I will want to feed bread to the ducks in the park. I will want to....... be...... just like you..  Then after that... I won't be able to understand you.  It's chemistry I guess.  Those who say it's not, are just lucky enough to not have to deal with an alcoholic addiction.

I could ramble on forever with my bs, but I'll stop. Thank you..  I love everyone, and embrace my own shortcomings.  I feel like it sucks to be me sometimes, but ya know? I could be a garden gnome.

Have a dream kids, and chase that very same dream..... Until it is not one anymore.... Until it is your every day life :)

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cynthia said...

i tried to quit a million times swearing I wouldn't drink today... and like Pavlov's dog the "bell" would ring and I'd be drunk. Even after i entered AA , it took me 4 years to surrender. I didnt know that it was more than just the drinking , that the problem was me all along. Drinking was but a symptom of deep problems within me, shame , guilt, worthlessness, it was Hell. Some days it still is but the good news is whatever is going on in my Life will NOT be solved well by a drink or a drug . the say in AA about the ism"s (inside me ) my defintion that I read somewhere sums it up succintly for me ..."I sacrifice myself and there it is in a nutshell. I gave all of me who I am , what i could have been , what I did to the beast Alcohol .Eventually it will turn on you , it did me, it no longer worked , Thank God !!

Alcoholics Mind said...

Cynthia....Thanks for the words of inspiration, and I think it's sooo great that you have such a firm handle on your sobriety. Maybe one day I can be an inspiration to others... Just like you! :) Have a great day. I'm looking forward to getting up in the morning with a clear "fog free" head. Maybe I'll get up early and catch a sunrise!

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